Anonymous asked:
if using honey instead of agave for the raw raspberry brownie truffles, is 3tbsp still the correct amount?

I would add 2tbsp first, as agave is slightly more runny. Add more if necessary .

always-radical asked:
i'm not sure if someone has already requested this but could you make a link to all of your recipes? x

sure I will try to make something :) 

Anonymous asked:
hi! are there any replacements for coconut oil? sorry if you've already answered this but i love your blog and instagram. much love!

 In normal cooking, I always use olive oil and sunflower oil. I have always used coconut oil in baking, so I’m not sure what to substitute it with. Sorry !

Anonymous asked:
Are you able to format your wonderful recipes in a list to access them easier? 😋

Sure, try to make something soon :)

nuture-nirvana asked:
I adore your blog and recipes! :)

Thank you ! 


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green-ers asked:
do you live by yourself? sorry if that sounds creepy, but I'd really like to try so many recipes (like some of yours) but I never have anyone to share it with! like, I live with my family, but we're not gonna finish a whole pistachio strawberry cheesecake! (especially bc my dad and little brother aren't huge fans of healthy stuff yknow) so I was just wondering like... what do you do with the other treats that you make? do you eat a little everyday or

I totally understand !! I live by myself (by my boyfriend and I are always together, so we kind of live together), anyway, but he’s not a huge fan either, but he will try and give me some comments on it. So what I do is I eat some everyday. But the cheesecake was too much, and i had to throw it away :( 

I suggest you trying out the skillet cakes, pancakes, pound cakes and raw recipes. All skillet cakes, pancakes and pound cake recipes are for one so it’s good if you are just cooking for yourself. For the raw recipes, you can always store them in the freezer, all you need to do is to remove it from the freezer for about 15 minutes before you eat it. 

I know its hard sometimes. I will try to make more single serving recipes :) 

Anonymous asked:
What is your skillet size?

It’s a 6.5 inch skillet

hzs10 asked:
Hi, what is the size of your skillet?

Its a 6.5 inch Skillet :)

Anonymous asked:
i am clicking on the pic with ur pistachio cake and i dont see recipe?

It should be fine now :) 

Granola Crusted Pistachio Cheesecake ( Gluten free, Vegan adaptable) 
For the granola crust 
1 ½ cup oats 
1/8 cup (2tbsp) (20g) coconut oil, melted 
4tbsp (28g) coconut sugar 
¼ cup (73g) honey (for vegans, use agave instead)
2tbsp (20g) coconut oil 
For the pistachio filling 
2 large avocado (266g) 
6tbsp (approx. 120g) Homemade Pistachio Butter [can be made before hand, see recipe under step 7 below)
¼ cup (73g) honey (for vegans, use agave instead)
2tbsp (20g) coconut oil 
Garnish with
Fresh raspberries
Handful of coarsely chopped pistachio 
Preheat oven to 180c 
Mix oats and 2tbsp melted coconut oil in a mixing bowl, mix thoroughly. Spread oats on baking tray, bake for 5-10 minutes until golden, give it a stir, place back into oven Repeat process until both sides are golden.
Remove oats from oven (DO NOT TURN OFF THE OVEN, you will need it later). Allow oats to cool, then place oats in a mixing bowl along with coconut sugar, mix thoroughly. Then place oat-sugar mixture into food processor, process into fine crumbs, set aside.
Melt coconut and honey in a small saucepan, stir continuously and mix well. Pour the mixture into mixing with oat-sugar crumbs, mix to form dough.
Spread dough evenly onto a spring pan/ push up pan, place back into oven, bake until golden, about 10 minutes (keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t burn!) 
Once the crust is oven, remove from oven, allow to cool completely ( I placed it next to an open window, to speed up the process) 
While the crust is cooling place all the pistachio filling into blender, blend until very smooth. 
If you haven’t made the pistachio butter, you can do it at this point. Simply place about two large handfuls of pistachio nuts in to a pan, toast until golden (remember to keep swirling the pan, or else it will burn!). Place toasted nuts and 2tbsp of coconut sugar in a FOOD PROCESSOR (instead of a large blender, I find it much easier making nut butter in a food processor than in a blender), blend until very smooth (be patient it will take about 5-10 minutes)
Once the crust has cooled completely, spread filling mixture evenly on crust, refrigerate for 4-6 hours until firm (best overnight)
Garnish with crushed pistachio nuts and fresh raspberries
 Remove cheesecake from fridge 5 minutes before serving. 
To store: cover and store in fridge for up to 3 days

breannetakespictures asked:
I made your fig newtons and they were so good! Thanks for sharing your awesome recipes x

Thank you ! Glad you liked it !

Anonymous asked:
Hi I love your food and photography but nearly all your recipes have dried fruit in them. Do you have any recipes or substitutes for those on a fructose-free diet?

I use a lot of honey/agave and dates in my raw recipes, so I guess if you are on a fructose-free diet, you better avoid them, as they are quite hard to be substituted. Why not try my baked recipes :)